Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi talks about the Mega Blood Donation Drive.

‘Krrish 3′ actor Vivek Oberoi interacted with the media and talked about the mega blood donation drive held in Mumbai on September 4, 2014. The ‘Kaal’ actor said that he was looking forward to the blood donation drive.

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Oberoi added that he and his wife, Priyanka Oberoi, even skipped his birthday on September 3, 2014 and decided to take part in the blood donation drive. During the interview the actor explained how the country is lacking blood due to lack of donors as most people do not have any knowledge on how to go about the donation.

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Oberoi added that blood donation must become a culture and a habit, and that the youth must actively participate in blood donation camps.

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vivek blood donation (8) Shanti Dynamite, the UK-based adult movie star was in the news recently as she claimed that actress Sunny Leone copied her look in the upcoming horror flick ‘Ragini MMS 2’. Shanti is currently in India and has talked about her wish to meet Ekta Kapoor and her desire to work in Bollywood.

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The actress was born to a Punjabi mother from Jalandhar and a Greek father in Uganda.

While talking about the reasons that made her come to India, Shanti said that she grew up going to gurudwaras and eating Indian dishes and wearing salwar kameez. The actress said that she wishes to visit temples, gurudwaras and see the architecture of Jaipur, Agra and other places. Famous fashion photographer Vikram Bawa has launched an exclusive 2014 calendar. The photographer has managed to capture the beauty of dusky models for his calendar.

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While talking about his calendar, Bawa said that he has been thinking about it for many years. The photographer said that people in India have a predominantly dusky and beautiful dark complexion. He went on to say that even the ancient history and mythology portrayed gods and goddesses as having beautiful dark complexion and this was the biggest reason why Bawa came up with the idea of portraying dusky models in his calendar.

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Designers Falguni and Shane Peacock have contributed to the calendar with their international collection, while Chandni Sareen, Ambreen Yusuf and Tina Mukharjee have been working on styling, makeup and hair, respectively.

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Bawa calendar 2014 (2) Comedian and actor Riteish Deshmukh and his team Veer Marathi launched the Zee Talkies calendar in Mumbai on January 21, 2014. The famous actor talked about his preparation for the upcoming Celebrity Cricket League season. The owner of the CCL team shared that his wife Genelia used to cheer for him ten years ago when he used to play for Mumbai Heroes.

Riteish - Genelia Deshmukh

When asked about his responsibilities as the owner of a CCL team, the actor said that earlier he used to just go and play and do the job which was assigned to him, but now he has to get the best 11 players together and organize everything needed for the team formation. Deshmukh went on to say that it is like handling the production of a movie, but that he has a great team to take care of it.

In 2013, Riteish’s team reached the semifinals and the actor was asked if the expectations are high for 2014 as well. The actor replied that in 2013, the team was not under any stress, due to which they reached the semifinals and in 2014, they intend to do the same thing. While talking about his wife Genelia’s support, Deshmukh said that she has been there for him for 10 years, even when he used to play for Mumbai Maidens.

Riteish went on to explain that Genelia can single handedly match a crowd in cheering. There is a price to be paid for being a perfectionist and being a superstar and perhaps Bollywood actor Aamir Khan feels the same now. While the superstar is getting ready for the release of his much-awaited movie ‘Dhoom 3’, the actor feels guilty for not being able to spend enough time with his loved ones.


Aamir is known for taking his time when preparing for a role and ends up doing just one film a year. Khan said that he found it difficult to juggle between the shoots of ‘Dhoom 3’, ‘Peekay’ and is now doing research for the season 2 of his controversial show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Recently, Aamir’s son Azad turned one and he said that he took his son to the sets so that he could spend more time with him.

Aamir said, “I have always felt that I am not spending enough time with my children and family. I spent 25 years with this guilt.” The ‘Papa Kehte Hain’ actor went on to say that he gets so lost in his work that he does not realize it and feels guilty that he is so self-centered.

Aamir also informed that the producer of ‘Dhoom 3’, Aditya Chopra had to delay the release of the movie for a year just to prepare. Bollywood flick ‘John Day’ is all set to hit the theaters on September 13, 2013 and it is a Hindi thriller which is directed by Ahishor Solomon and produced by K. Asif, Aatef A Khan and Anjum Rizvi. The flick stars Elena Kazan, for whom the making of the movie has become an experience that she will never forget thanks to a particular drunk scene.

Elena Kazan John Day 2013-1

In the upcoming movie, Elena will be playing the role of an alcoholic, as well as enacting a woman who has suffered a tragic past. The actress made sure that she was completely focused on her role and came to the set prepared. One of the major reasons why she selected this movie was the fact that she has not been exposed much on the big screen so far.

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Talking about her drunk scene, the Ukrainian-born Elena said, “You don’t see regular drinkers staggering and falling around every now and then. Yes, they are tipsy but then they don’t have a stereotypical body language, as has been demonstrated in countless films. My director Ahishor (Solomon) just wanted me to underplay it all and given the fact that I am also supposed to carry dark shades made it all the more interesting. Yes, my character has an issue but then this is not the only thing about her. She is drowned in love more than alcohol.”

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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has been constantly facing criticism since her new single ‘Exotic’ featuring Pitbull has been released. The actress has been criticized for the content of the song, as well as her outfits. However, when the star spoke to Times of India (TOI), she appeared quite composed and relaxed about it.


Priyanka said, “I believe there is no need to be judgmental. Women have been wearing net dresses for ages now. I have worn it myself so many times, recent instance being at TOIFA. It is one of the most common combinations for a sexy outfit”. The actress went on to actually quote instances when she was seen wearing a net dress.

The ‘Barfi’ actress mentioned that she was wearing a silver top and shorts with chains, then an 80’s style neon swimsuit with comic book shoes. The actress said that all these outfits went unnoticed and instead people are talking about an outfit which comes for only 10 seconds.

Chopra also said that she does not actually care about those who are constantly trying to bring her down, but for her, it is a new thing to sing and perform in an international music video. Priyanka admitted that she might not be one of the most path breaking singers in the world, but she has tried to do something different.

Photo Credits: Santa Banta

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has his fingers crossed for his latest movie ‘The Attacks of 26/11’, which has released today, March 1, 2013. Varma said that he cannot make a typical Bollywood movie based on romance or comedy, as he finds the darker side of human beings more interesting.


The filmmaker is known for his vision while making movies and is known for choosing off-the-beat subjects, like that of ‘Nishabd’. Varma explained that it was just not in him to make a love story. The latest movie from the director is based on the attacks of 26/11 that took place in Mumbai, in the year 2008.

Varma, in an interview said, “I think may be the innocence of love is lost and realism of sex has gotten into me. I like understanding the complexities of (the) human mind, their rebellious nature. I would be much more interested in making something about (the) hanging of Kasab, than a story about (a) new age boy in love.” The filmmaker further stressed that he just cannot make a comedy either.

His earlier works in direction include ‘Satya’, ‘Company’, ‘Sarkar’ and ‘Rangeela’. However, the director does not care about criticism and says that he will continue to do as he pleases, so no matter what anyone says.

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John Abraham has seen it all in the Indian film industry. He has been through success and failure and has come up through the ranks from being a model to a top actor that many directors chose to work with. Apart from being extremely fit, Abraham is a dedicated individual who puts everything he has into his characters. This consistent hard work is what sets him apart from many models who aspire to be actors.

In a recent interview the ‘Race 2′ star opened up about his career. He said that some of his favorite co-stars include Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan as he has done many films with them already. The ‘Garam Masala’ star said that ‘No Smoking’ was one of his best performances and that he would love to work with Anurag Kashyap once again.

The ‘Housefull’ actor said that action-comedies were what he would normally watch, but would like to act in a high concept film like ‘Inception’. Abraham would also like to direct Shahrukh Khan if he were to ever become a director, as he feels the superstar is very flexible.

Meryl Streep is one person John would love to share the screen with as he considers her to be the best in the business. He also said that criticism needs to be handled well in Bollywood and that anyone who looks up to him should keep themselves fit, as there was no alternative to it.

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Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan might have touched success with his stardom, but he has still remained grounded despite being popular. The ‘Baazigar’ actor said in a recent interview that one must remain rooted before dreaming big.

Khan said, “Everyday a new dream is born. Today, I want to do new kinds of films, want (my) children to stay healthy and have a good life. I think you have to be rooted in reality before dreaming.” The actor also said that at present he is in a position where he can afford anything, but when he started off in the industry his dream was to eat and have place to stay.

The ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ actor went on to say that before going into the dream zone, one must believe in reality. He is also of the opinion that one must do the right things like getting a good education first, which can help one to fulfill their dreams. Shahrukh is happy that he has spent around 20 years in the Indian film industry.

The ‘My Name Is Khan’ actor iterated that the last 20 years have been good for him and that he is happy to have worked in the era of the 1990’s through to the present day, where Indian cinema is undergoing a serious change. The actor also said that the journey for him so far has been good and he wishes to be in the film industry for another 20 to 25 years.