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Bigg Boss 4: Tension and drama have mounted really high in Bigg Boss 4 with only a couple of weeks remaining for its finale. Surprisingly, Khali, who was mostly the dormant player, has been in the center of a storm lately.

The champion wrestler lost his otherwise cool head when fellow housemate Samir Soni not only refused to feed Khali, but also passed unsavory remarks about him. A task by Bigg Boss for the contestants of the reality show required the other contestants to feed the friendly giant.

Samir out rightly refused to do so. This was more than Khali could take and he broke into a fit of rage. Later he heard Samir speak badly about himself to Shweta Tiwari.

Taking the bull by its horns, he spoke to Samir about the comments that were made by the actor behind the wrestler’s back. This made Samir realize his mistake and he apologized to Khali in the end.

The last two weeks have shown a completely different side of the WWE wrestler.

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The Bigg Boss 4 house experienced a lot of action along with a slice of confusion and the ever present back biting. While hilarious situations prevailed as the inmates tried to portray each other, the mood soon turned somber with the housemates lashing out on Khali.

The task given by Bigg Boss to the contestants of the reality show this week was to enact the role of other housemates. Dolly Bindra asked Shweta Tiwari to play her loud self, an idea which Tiwari turned down. So, it was Ashmit Patel, who got to hold the reins of kitchen while screaming at the top of his voice.

Later, the inmates gathered in the living area for the screening of their behind-the-back talks about Khali. Dolly Bindra was greatly annoyed by hearing the other housemates speak badly of the wrestler, whom she has brotherly affection for.

Bindra wished to discuss the matter with the other inmates of the Bigg Boss house, but Khali, the great proved his greatness by asking the loud actress to get on with the task. Not one to give up easily, Bindra persuaded everybody to discuss the inmates’ complaints towards the WWF wrestler.

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Bollywood Garam: In some good news for the Bigg Boss 4 fans, the Indian reality show will now be allowed to be telecasted on the prime time slot on Colors channel. The show has a few days left till it gets over, as the finale is fast approaching.

The Bombay High Court, after hearing the appeal from the channel Colors, has permitted the show to be aired at the prime time slot. The channel was permitted on a condition that the channel should not air any content that may be inappropriate for the audience.

The channel also said that it would not telecast any abusive language and would censor or edit any scenes that would be inappropriate for the universal audience. A source said, “They also undertook not to screen any dialogue which is required to be beeped and screen any obscene gesture of the participants. The judges observed that the petitioners should not
provide news channels with clippings of the episodes mentioned in the Ministry’s show-cause notice.”

According to the recent episodes, the Great Khali and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel have secured their places in the finals.

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Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai- Bachchan could hardly believe reports that her picture on a reputed magazine cover was edited and made whiter than her actual complexion. The Elle magazine cover had Aishwarya on the cover with visibly fairer complexion, and this has led to debate on the subtle form of “racism” by the magazine.

Sources have said that if the actress confirms the reports being true, then she may even take some legal action on the issue. Currently, the “Guzaarish” actress is busy looking after her sick father, and she has expressed shock over the issue.

“Not in this day and age when women are recognized for their merit, and not for the colour of their skin. She is currently verifying this skin-whitening allegation. If there is any proof of this, she might even take action,” a source said.

The issue was raised when some of her fans had shouted “bloody racism”. This wasn’t the first time when the magazine was alleged of such racist allegation. An African American actress was shown in a much paler complexion in a September issue.

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Bigg Boss: As the countdown has begun for the finale of the reality show Bigg Boss 4, the Bombay high court has allowed the telecast of the show in the prime time slot. The Indian court has reportedly allowed the telecast to continue on the prime time slot, after Colors channel of Viacom 18 Media had submitted an undertaking that it would not telecast any objectionable content.

The bench comprised of Justice S J Kathawalla and Justice U D Salvi said that, and under the new ruling, the channel must not provide clippings of the episode mentioned in the government’s show-cause notice, to any TV news channel. The court also said that the show must follow the program code.

Though the court has given the permission to telecast the channel in the prime time slot, if the channel is found to violate the rules, the government can in such a case, approach the court directly without issuing any notice to the channel.

The petitioners have also said that they would not telecast any dialogues of the Bigg Boss contestants in unparliamentarily language and that they would also not telecast any scenes that may be considered obscene.

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The house of Bigg Boss 4 was in a very confused state, as the inmates of the house were asked to switch characters in the house. As a part of a task, the inmates were asked to rehearse and enact all the major fights in the house that had happened over the past few weeks on the Indian reality show.

Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel played Dolly Bindra’s character, ShwetaTiwari played Ashmit Patel, and the Great Khali played Manoj Tiwari, while Dolly played the role of Veena Malik. The entire act was very hilarious as the characters were switched and were trying to over do the characters.

All the fun ended, when Bigg Boss called all the inmates in the living room and showed the clippings of what each member had said about other inmates in the house. Though no one was affected by the clippings, the person who was offended was Dolly Bindra.

Dolly, after watching all the clips, had forced Khali to sit down and discuss what was shown by Bigg Boss.

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Pakistani actress, Veena Malik was the latest inmate to get evicted from the Bigg Boss 4 house on Friday the 24th of December. Malik, who was considered a controversial figure in the house, and was famous for her attention getting tactics and her intimacy with Ashmit Patel, had to bid goodbye to the other contestants in the house.

In a previous episode, Malik was punished after she went on a dancing spree on top of a dining table with her shoes on, which resulted in the actress eating meals on the floor instead of the table.

Despite her controversial malfunctions and incessant posing infront of the cameras in the Bigg Boss 4 house, Veena Malik also made news after she was caught getting cozy with fellow inmate Ashmit Patel after the two were on a task one night in November.The sparks between the two was considered as a key element in her staying in the show, but it failed to work when news of her elimination came to light.

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Sara Khan, who was in the news for her cozy scenes with Ashmit Patel and then her grand wedding to Ali Merchant in the Bigg Boss house, the former inmate has reportedly split with her husband.

As an inmate of the Bigg Boss 4, Sara was seen tearing pictures of her boyfriend Ali, only to tie the know later on the show. The news of the split is indeed a surprise for viewers, since it was just a few days ago that the TV actress got Bigg Boss 4 some great TRP with her wedding on national television.

Sara’s spokesperson said, “It’s a personal matter but yes it’s true Sara and Ali are not together anymore”. The reason for the split is reportedly the mismanagement of her funds by Ali. Khan’s spokesperson added, “After she got back from the Bigg Boss house, she found a lot of things and was hurt and she took this decision. That’s all we can say”.

In an interview, Ali Merchant confirmed the news, “Yes, it is true, there were a lot of misunderstandings between us. There were many people interfering in our relationship. My parents always liked Sara and gave preference to her but Sara’s parents never accepted me. Its okay, I’m happy now”.

Whatever the reason, the whole marriage and split was enough to create a buzz for the couple and could work in the progress of their careers?

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Bigg Boss 4: After being silent and patient for so many days in the house of Bigg Boss 4, actress Dolly Bindra has broken her silence and is back to her old character. The inmates of the house have been given a new task in which they have to make their own flour for making chapattis and also have to keep burning logs, which has to burn continuously.

The inmates have been provided with lots of wood to burn and have to also make sure that the fire does not extinguish at any time. So even in the night two people have to monitor the fire and make sure that it doe not extinguish.

Amidst all the stress to keep the fire burning Dolly and Ashmit had an argument over the cleaning of the kitchen counter. During the argument Dolly also taunted Ashmit and Veena that they misuse the time spent in the night while monitoring the fire to cuddle with each other under the sheets.

It is now time to wait and watch what more Dolly Bindra has in store for the entertainment of the audience.

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Bigg Boss 4: Pakistani actress Veena Malik is now under the spot light in the house of Bigg Boss 4. Her recent performance on the dining table had irritated Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel.

Ashmit commented that Veena has no respect for food. However the other house mates did not see the item dance she did. Later Veena has also pretended to say sorry to the vegetables that were kept on the table.

The Pakistani actress was also seen bitching about TV actress Shweta Tiwari. She said that, Shweta tends to back stab with sophistication. However the audience is well aware that, which inmate of the house tends to back stab more on the show.

Apparently, actress Dolly Bindra is also upset with Veena’s behavior in the house. Recently many times when Dolly tried to get in to an argument with Veena, Ashmit used to interfere and sort out the matter between the two. One has to now wait and watch, what more can Veena do to grab attention in the house of Bigg Boss 4.