Interview – Aishwarya Sakhuja on her journey to being vegan

Aishwarya sakhuja1
Aishwarya Sakhuja

Aishwarya Sakhuja talks about her journey from being a hardcore non-vegetarian to going dairy-free

Indian television actress Aishwarya Sakhuja, who is known for playing the character of Toasty on TV series, Saas Bina Sasural has the greatest news. The actress has turned over a new leaf, and gone vegan! The previously diehard non-vegetarian said that in the past, she relished meaty delicacies, but no longer has the taste for it.

In an interview with a popular daily, she said, “I was a non-vegetarian all my life. I relished eating non-vegetarian dishes. However, last year in August, my husband [Rohit Nag] suffered from typhoid, and he was only allowed to eat khichdi. So, I began eating khichdi along with him and something brought about a change in me. I didn’t eat meat ever again.”

The Main Naa Bhoolungi star also added that she watched a number of documentaries online and those convinced her to follow a plant-based diet. She added, “I watched a few documentaries on the food and dairy industry, and animals on Netflix. They opened my eyes. It was a big shock and a reality check.”

Veganism goes beyond being a regular vegetarian. The diet completely eliminates dairy and dairy products, as well as meat. Any food that is derived from an animal is a complete no-no. Only clean produce of fresh fruits and vegetables and pulses is consumed by vegans. In replacement of dairy products, nut-based milks called mylk are allowed. The vegan diet has taken over the world by storm, with some of the biggest celebrities in the world opting to cut animal products out of their diets completely.

Aishwarya Sakhuja is currently working on the series Trideviyan that also stars Samaira Rao, Shalini Sahuta, Winy Tripathi and Rituraj Singh.