Dilon Ka Shooter by YouTube celebrity Dhinchak Pooja has taken the internet by storm!

Dilon Ka Shooter is a new low in Indian music - it's so bad, it's good!

Dhinchak Pooja

Having gained a cult following on YouTube with songs such as Selfie Maine Leli Aaj, Swag Wali Topi and Daaru, Dhinchak Pooja is back with her latest offering of cringeworthy music. Titled Dilon Ka Shooter, the song isn’t about a desirable boy or girl, but is instead describing her red scooter, which she insists is capable of shooting people’s hearts. In the second (and only other) line of lyrics, she asserts that there is no one cuter than her. In trademark style, the song is just these two lines repeated ad nauseam, completely off key and out of tune. Yet, the video has gone viral and has more than 1.5 Million views already!

If you think that Dhinchak Pooja’s lyrics are the worst thing about Dilon Ka Shooter, think again. Unlike her other videos in which she is joined by an embarrassing posse of dancers, this time it’s just her riding around on her beloved scooter, making some of the most awkward movements with her hands. The camerawork and editing is as awful as you would expect, with the only saving grace being that it is thankfully shorter than her previous songs, lasting for just over a minute. In fairness, being so terrible has generated a huge number of views for her videos, so in that sense she has nailed it again. Dilon Ka Shooter was trending all over social media as soon as it dropped!

While Bollywood too has produced its fair share of cringeworthy songs over the years, be it Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Papa Ki Pari’, Salman Khan’s ‘Gale Mein Laal Tie’ or Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Pinky’, Dhinchak Pooja’s efforts are uniquely bizarre. In a statement she gave earlier this month, the young YouTube celebrity urged those who don’t like her work to refrain from watching her channel and added that they should not troll her online. Judging by the roasts and comments on social media, that will probably have to remain a pipe dream for now.

Watch the official Dilon Ka Shooter video by Dhinchak Pooja at your own risk –

Photo credits – Instagram