Wedding bells for Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra?


Bollywood Garam: After several link ups and break up reports between actress Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh, the two will be reportedly be tying the knot after seven months. Close friends of the couple have said that the two had been together to an astrologer, possibly to decide their wedding date.

Horoscopes of both were studied by the famous celebrity astrologer, Ajay Rai Madan. Madan had suggested that mid December or the beginning of January will be the best time to get married.

Not many are aware that Bhajji and Geeta are also business partners. Apart from personal life they had also consulted about the future of their business.

Moreover the couple also went for a second opinion to another numerologist, Suniiel Naik. Naik had gone through the birth dates of the couple. According to Naik’s calculations the lucky numbers for both are in the series of 3s and 1s as Bhajji is born on 3rd July and Geeta on 13th March. Naik had said that the numbers had attracted Geeta towards Bhajji and added that if they wanted to get married, then they must avoid the months of October and November to get married. Suniiel had mentioned that the period from 21st November to 21st December 2011 will be lucky for the couple to get married.

So looks like India’s angry bowler and the gorgeous Geeta Basra are set to tie the know soon.