Aditya Pancholi submits another complaint against Kangana Ranaut

A fresh complaint has been filed by Aditya Pancholi against Kangana Ranaut expressing fear that he might be roped in a fake rape case


Indian actor and singer Aditya Pancholi has submitted yet another complaint with the Mumbai Police while seeking action in his previous January complaint against the actress Kangana Ranaut and others. The complaint was confirmed with a receipt about three days back but the officials at Versova Police Station have remained tight lipped about the current status.

Aditya Pancholi in his complaint has expressed fear that he would be booked under a fake rape case if he does not withdraw a defamation case against the actress. Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee had Tweeted on May 17, 2019 that Pancholi had filed the case only after his client Kangana Ranaut had spoken about him on a public platform. Siddiquee said, “Pancholi can prove his innocence in court and not by misusing our silence or my misrepresenting facts to the media. The investigation is on by the police, he should have respected that”.

The lawyer also referred to the sting operation carried out by Pancholi in early January, 2019 and warned that the “so-called sting operation will go against Pancholi” and that the cases filed and argued on merits and not on threats. It was also pointed out that he made a sincere effort to mediate in the matter but it failed and Twisting facts for public sympathy may not help Pancholi.

Police investigations were launched in the matter and so far the police have reportedly not recorded the statements of Kangana and others.
Photo Credits: Viral Bhayani