Vikram Bhatt’s teenage daughter Krishna to debut in Haunted 3D


Bollywood Garam: Popular film maker Vikram Bhatt’s daughter, Krishna Bhatt may not have ever thought of acting, but her father decided to make her debut. Krishna, 16,  will be appearing in the upcoming Bollywood movie Haunted 3D.

Vikram Bhatt and daughter Krishna Bhatt on the sets of ‘Haunted 3D’

The role wasn’t planned for Krishna, and the director was actually in search of a girl who played a piano. At that moment, Vikram’s eyes went on to Krishna – who assisted her father in them making of the movie – and she landed the role.

The director said that there is a scene in the movie, which has the lead actress attending a piano class, for which he needed a girl who played a piano and Krishna was the perfect match.

Meanwhile, Krishna too is excited to be directed by her father in the movie. Haunted is a 3D movie, which stars Mithun Chakraborthy’s son Mahakshay Chakraborthy and a fresh face. As the name of the movie suggests, it is a horror movie in 3D and has many stunts that have been done by Mahakshay himself. Earlier, it was decided that a body double will be used for the dangerous stunts. But Mimoh (as he is also known) had stressed that he would do the stunts himself. There was a scene where Mimoh had to move out immediately before the chandelier falls on the floor, which came out as expected – action-packed!

Haunted 3D is set to release on May 6.