Shweta Tiwari tosses bikini on director’s face in anger?


Bollywood Garam: Indian television’s Shweta Tiwari is one actress who has always been choosy about her looks and clothes in the assignments that she worked in. Currently, the actress is working in the upcoming flick ‘Bin Bulaye Baarati’ which is directed by Chandrakant.

The director wanted Shweta to wear a bikini for an introductory scene, but the actress maintained her stand and allegedly threw the bikini on the director’s face. Sources from the crew had said that the actress had earlier sported some outfits that the drama was the result of the fact that Tiwari was frustrated with the clothes and she did not approve of them.

For a particular scene in the movie, the actress was told to wear a pink top with a plunging neck line. She wasn’t happy about it and the actress had put some  sequence to make it a little decent. Later she was told to wear a white sari below her waist line with just a tube top instead of a blouse, which left her annoyed further.

When Shweta was asked about the incident, she said that she was asked to wear a bikini but refused to wear it as the contract did not mention any such clause. The actress added that she was asked to wear a bikini and come out of the swimming pool, while talking on her mobile. Shweta said that she found it disgusting and refused to do any such scene.

Meanwhile, Chandrakant too confirmed the news and said that they would not be continuing with the bikini sequence.