Ready movie review – A sure entertainer for Salman Khan fans only


Bollywood Garam: The much awaited Bollywood movie Ready is out and Salman Khan seems to be dominating the screens. The movie that also stars Asin, Arya Babbar and Paresh Rawal, is all about the great Salman Khan and no one else, so get ready for some Khan-mania.

The other actors are just like fillers in the movie, but all the same, they are just a bit too many and can be pretty annoying. Director Aneez Bazmee has just carved the role of Salman very similar to that of Jim Carrey in the movie ‘The Mask’, who does not have to do much to impress a girl.

The story might be a little confusing, as it does not concentrate on one particular plot. Salman plays the role of Prem, who falls in love with Sanjana played by Asin. And Prem then does everything to make her uncles – who have criminal minds – to like each other.

The catch of the movie is just the hard hitting dialogues, but if you are a true and die-hard fan of Salman, then you can surely enjoy the movie. However, rest assured that the move is definitely different and better than the director Bazmee’s previous flicks ‘No Problem’ and ‘Thank You’. Certain scenes are indeed enjoyable including some of the songs ‘Character Dheela’ and ‘Dhinka Chika’, which are already doing rounds.

For those of you who think that this is an original movie, then sorry to disappoint you. The movie ‘Ready happens to be a re-make of the Telugu block buster movie with the same name.