Harrison James and Sucheta James launch new gym

Harrison james new gym (5)

BollywoodGaram: Celebrity fitness trainer Harrison James and his wife Sucheta James launched their new gym and invited their friends over for an evening of healthy snacks. The event was also organized to educate people about fitness and help them to get their dream body.

Harrison james new gym (5)

The launch event was attended by Urvashi Sharma Joshi, Rajiv of ‘Roadies’ fame, Alesia Raut, Ami Billimoria, Bhagyashree Raut, Candice Pinto, Pia Trivedi, Ritwik Bhattacharya, Surbhi Rao, Sheela Tiruchy and Nihar Pandya. James is also known as the ‘Whip Cracker Tough Taskmaster’ and started his career at the age of 17 with a crash course in fitness.

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The celebrity fitness trainer learned a number of fitness techniques over the years by practicing on himself.

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