Sanjay Dutt likely to play Ramdev Baba in Mani Shankar’s film?


Bollywood Garam: Popular film maker Mani Shankar, who is close to the Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba, has decided to make a movie on him. Shankar was apparently so impressed by the decision of Baba to fast until death to protest against corruption that he decided to make a Bollywood film which will show Baba’s perspective.

The film maker has said that actor Sanjay Dutt will surely be a part of the project. Though no formal announcement has been made, the director is confident that the ‘Munna Bhai’ actor will not refuse Shankar’s offer.

Till now, it is not clear if Sanjay will be playing the character of Ramdev Baba or any other role. Shankar is now having a close watch on Ramdev and his moves in the recent times.

The director is also planning to include the recent incident that happened on Saturday night, when Ramdev Baba’s fast was disrupted at the Ramlila ground in Delhi. Shankar has said that he has a fresh script after the movie ‘Knock Out’, which was based on black money stored illegally by politicians. Sanjay’s presence in the project hasn’t been made official, but the director has insisted that Sanjay will surely be a part of the project , which has been titled ‘Baba’.