West is West movie review


Bollywood Garam: Director Andy DeEmmony has come up with the sequel of the movie East is East. West is West is a Bollywood movie about a Pakistani man Jehangir -played by Om Puri -who calls himself George since he lives in England and runs a chip shop.

The other cast of the movie includes Ila Arun, Linda Basset and Aquib Khan. The story revolves around George, who’s second wife Ella is played by Basset and is British. George has seven children and often spends time in the complicated politics between his children.

George then decides to travel back to his village in Pakistan along with his youngest son, Sajid played by Aquib Khan. Sajid is an unruly teenager, who’s father decides to teach him a lesson by taking him back to the village.

Unfortunately, the director has failed to project the characters in the movie. The movie shows a village in Pakistan with no electricity and water, while George does not think of it as a drawback. George on the other hand, thinks that such an atmosphere would suit his sons.

West is West projects a painful clash between two cultures, which has not been properly executed. However, the actors, Om Puri, Ila Arun and Basset have given their best as per their characters, with the only dampener being the story lines now and then which lack the novel element.