Salma Agha’s daughter Zarah Khan angry over false MMS scandal


Bollywood Garam: Pakistani actress Salma Agha’s daughter Zarah Khan been in the news has these days for some vulgar MMS clips that have hit the internet. Certain alleged videos of Khan have been released on the popular video streaming site YouTube, which are titled as Salma Agha’s daughter.

More than 10 to 12 videos of the aspiring actress have been uploaded on the site. However, Salma and her daughter are very upset over the false videos had even made it loud and clear that the lady in the clips is not Zarah.

Zarah had went on to prove to the media people at the press conference, by playing a clip and had left them to decide if the person in the clip was Zarah or not. The actress had explained that if the videos were real then she would not have come out in public to clarify things.

Zarah had even blurted out at the journalist, who had printed the news in the news paper. Zarah said that the journalist had known that it wasn’t her, even then he had told her that he would publish the news. When the actress was asked about the guy in the video Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Zarah did not deny knowing him, but added that the person was just trying to get some cheap publicity.