Ghayal Returns first look – Sunny Deol is back and angrier as ever


Bollywood Garam: After creating a wave among the audience in the 90s with the block buster movie ‘Ghayal’ starring actor Sunny Deol, the movie is back with its sequel. Once again ‘Ghayal Returns’ will be entertaining the audience with the anger and dialogues of Deol.

The makers of the movie have released the first look of the movie, which shows Sunny in what he does best –  fighting the bad guys and yelling, while delivering dialogues. The movie ‘Ghayal’ was a benchmark in the career of Deol, which had established him as tough guy.

The earlier movie had Sunny in the role of an amateur boxer named Ajay Mehra and was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. The movie also had other veteran actors like Amrish Puri and Meenakshi Seshadri.

Ghayal movie had won many Film Fare Awards, which also included the Best Film Award. Deol had won the Best Actor Award for the movie for the first time. The teasers of ‘Ghayal Returns’ shows the actor in an even more aggressive character.

In the teasers, Sunny is seen in a police uniform, which states that the actor might be playing the role of a cop in the sequel. The much awaited sequel will be released in the year 2012.


  1. Its just gonna be Sunny Deol in his own role as he likes to be..he has always done angry young man roles in his films and has made his audiences to get his to look as it is..
    ‘Ghayal returns’ got to be a great movie for sunny as part of his career in the industry..
    just waiting for the promos of the films..

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