Vidya Balan suffers skin rashes at ‘Dirty Picture’ shoot


Bollywood Garam: The shooting of the much-awaited and highly discussed movie, ‘Dirty Picture’ has begun. But reports state that the actress is not only having a tough time carrying her bulky look, but she also has issues managing her sensitive skin. Recently during the shooting, Vidya Balan had suffered from a bad allergy and had developed red rashes and blotches as her skin reacted to one of the props on the set.

The actress was shooting for a bath tub scene, where she was to be immersed in soapy water. As soon as Vidya entered the bath tub, within no time, the actress developed rashes and had no choice but to leave the sets and rush to a dermatologist.

According to the crew members, the actress had begun to feel the roughness on her skin as soon as she had entered the bath tub, but had ignored it. Later, Vidya Balan was shocked to notice the rash and had rushed to the doctor.

However, director Milan Luthria had said that despite taking enough precautions like using mineral water for the scene, the actress suffered from rashes. Meanwhile, some of the crew members had said that it was because the bath tub was hand painted. But the doctor had opined that the actress might have suffered the allergy due to the high alkali content of the soap.