Love making scene evicted from Bheja Fry 2


Bollywood Garam: The sequel of the movie ‘Bheja Fry’ has been released sans a love making scene that was shot with the actor Vinay Pathak. The director Sagar Ballary had claimed that the scene was the funniest scene in the movie, which has been chopped off by the censor board.

While explaining the scene, Bharat Bhushan (played by Pathak) was explaining to a couple how to make love in order to conceive. In the scene, Vinay intervenes while the couple are engaged in love making and tells them that all that they are doing is wrong. This is when Bhushan starts to explain the right positions for ‘sambhog kriya’ (sex play). The actor intervenes when he sees the woman on top of her man and says that the position is very wrong for ‘garv- dharan’ (conceiving).

The censor board had opposed the scene and had told the director that the hero cannot be shown telling the couple how to make love and other details on love making. This was when the director was forced to remove the scene from the movie. Ballary was disappointed with the board’s decision and chopped off the scene from the movie. However, the director said that he would retain the scene in the DVDs.