Marathi movie inspired by Anna Hazare to release soon


Director Ganesh Shinde is now all set to make a movie inspired by the anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare. Shinde will be making a Marathi movie on the concept of the non violent means used for agitation for the fulfillment of demands.

The Director, who has named the movie as ‘Mala Anna Vhaychay’ (I Want To Become Anna), has said that the movie spreads the message of the effective means of the non violent agitation. It will help in spreading the message that the non violent agitations are much better than the terrorist ideologies.

The story of the movie has been set with a teenager, who belongs to a poor family and is inspired by the Gandhian principles. The boy then gets inspired by the ideas and also overcomes his frustrations.

Shinde has said that he will be requesting the veteran Anna Hazare to appear for a few sequences in the movie. ‘Mala Anna Vhaychay’ is produced under the banner of MS Films with a budget of Rs. 60 lakhs. The movie will be released on 13th November all over Maharashtra. Since the movie was being made even before the agitation of Hazare had started, certain changed have been made to include the dramatic protests and arrests involved with the anti-corruption movement in the recent days.