Veena Malik to play sex worker in ‘Zindagi 50-50’


Pakistani actress Veena Malik who had once become popular due to her public display of affection on the fourth season of Bigg Boss, will soon be seen playing the role of a sex worker. Veena became popular after her stint in Bigg Bigg 4 along with Ashmit Patel.

Malik will soon be seen playing the role of Madhuri, who is a sex worker and supports her family with her income. The movie has been named ‘Zindagi 50-50’ and the actress has also met a few sex workers while preparing for the movie.

Veena says that the movie has completely changed her attitude and towards women and sex workers in particular. The actress addd that she had insisted to play Madhuri as she had felt some connection with the role.

Malik said that she had instantly clicked with the responsibility of the sex worker towards her family as the actress herself comes from a family of five daughters and one son. The actress added that she understands what it feels to be a woman in a male dominated society. Malik said that since her adulthood she has always supported herself and been on her own. While talking about Madhuri she sad that in the day time she is a normal middle class girl and in the night she wears a burqa and goes to the red light area for work.