Sayali Bhagat alleges Amitabh Bachchan of sexual harassment


After targeting Shiney Ahuja, actress Sayali Bhagat has targeted some of the big names in the film industry like Amitabh Bachchan, Sajid Khan and Arya Babbar. Sayali in a statement released by the public relations team has said that Mr. Bachchan had misbehaved with her.

But also included that she has immense respect for the actor. Sayali in the statement had said that she is not alone in the film industry to suffer this and there are many other people who are considered as a piece of meat by such big shots.

Bhagat had also added that the other people do not come out in open but she cold not take it any more. The actress also added that she is leaving films for good and would leave for Milan and take up modeling as a career.

Bhagat had earlier filed a complaint against Shiney and his wife Anupam for sexual harassment. But later the actress had tried to take back her statement and said that she has not released any such statement and that she has never said this. Sayali clarified that she has filed a complaints against Ahuja but has not alleged Big B and others of any sexual harassment. Sayali also said that she does not know from where the rumours have come from.