‘Ra.One’ movie review, Shahrukh Khan and team applauded


Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s most awaited movie ‘Ra.One’ is finally out and has hit the silver screens in India as well as abroad. Reportedly, the movie is the most expensive one with several marketing campaigns and promotions that the people have ever seen for any other movie in Bollywood.

The story of the movie is about Shekhar, played by Shahrukh Khan who is a south Indian geek and a computer game designer. Shekhar lives in London with his beautiful wife Sonia played by Kareena Kapoor and son Prateek played by Armaan Verma.

Prateek loves playing video games and one day challenges his dad to make a video game in which the villain in the game never loses. Shekhar then creates ‘G.One’ but things go wrong and the bad man comes out of the game in the real world.

Many of the scenes in the movie are thoroughly enjoyable and the graphics and the special effects are the major attractions one can watch for. A lot has been put in to the film by the makers. All the actors in the movie are experienced and have also done their best. Kareena looks hot and her role in the movie is also interesting. Overall, the movie is enjoyable by the kids and can be a little disappointment for the Shahrukh and Kareena Fans.