‘Rockstar’ movie story and review, for all Ranbir Kapoor fans


The much awaited movie ‘Rockstar’ has been released on 11th November and has introduced actress Nargis Fakhri. The movie has Ranbir Kapoor Fakhri and also late Shammi Kapoor, who has always created his magic onscreen.

Janardhan Jakhar is a middle class Punjabi boy, who has a dream of becoming a rock star, but is aware the road to become a successful rock star is not easy. Janardhan alias Jordan then starts off by singing at the bus stands.

At a point Jordan realizes that he cannot achieve anything big unless he does something out of the box. He then decides to woo Nargis who plays the role of Heer Kaul, who is an arrogant, rich and the most popular diva in the college.

The movie narrates the journey of Jordan from the college campus in Delhi to Prague, where he becomes the ultimate rock star. There are a few moments in the movie that are worth watching like the one when Shammi Kapoor sing the song ‘Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra’ and also the contrast scenes when Jordan and Heer go to a cheap theatre to watch ‘Junglee Jawani’ and when they meet again in Prague they go to a strip club. A good movie for all the Ranbir Kapoor Fans.