Milan’s Luthria’s interaction with Silk Smitha in 90s


The makers of the upcoming movie ‘The Dirty Picture’, might have denied that fact that they have made a movie based on the life of south siren Silk Smitha, but not many know that director Milan Luthria has interacted with the controversial actress. Milan reveals his personal experience with the sex symbol of the 80s.

The director revealed that he was once assisting Mahesh Bhatt in the early 90s and got the opportunity to work with two of the sex symbols of those times. Milan added that he got to work with Silk Smitha for the movie ‘Naraaz’ and Disco Shanti for ‘Najaayaz’.

While working with the popular personalities, the director noticed that he could see the pathos behind their stardom. Luthria even noticed the sadness surrounding Silk and that he wasn’t vey happy with the turmoil around her.

When asked him is this was the reason he was inspired to make a film on Silk, Milan said, at that time he never thought that he would make a movie. But today when he looks back, he felt how those popular faces were actually disconnected from the society and were exploited for their bodies. In terms of Vidya’s closeness to the character, the director said that Balan’s character resembles all the sex symbols of those times, like Nylon Nalini, Polyester Padmini and Disco Shanti.