Dilip Kumar sends letter of appreciation to Amitabh Bachchan


Veteran actor Dilip Kumar soon after joining the social networking site Twitter made his presence felt by appreciating actor Amitabh Bachchan, who introduced the actor on the social network. Dilip on December 14, wrote a comment for Amitabh which left the actor overwhelmed.

Kumar in the comment mentioned about the great contribution of the actor for the film industry and also mentioned about the days when they worked together in some of the films. Amitabh in response said that the moment he saw Dilip Kumar, he knew that he was the ultimate inspiration for him.

Bachchan expressed his happiness of Kumar’s appreciation and said that he now does not care about any opinion from any of the critics or colleague. The actor also expressed that after 42 years in the industry there is a fulfillment of thought and value and he could not have asked anything greater than this.

Dilip in his letter to the actor recalled the performances of the actor in the landmark movies like ‘Black’ and ‘Paa’. Amitabh also said that he was privileged by the affectionate compliments that some one as knowledgeable and competent as Dilip Kumar has appreciated his work. Dilip then also thanked Amitabh for his warm wishes and blessed his family.