Akshay Kumar not interested in ‘Kolaveri Di’ rights


Some of the recent reports claimed that Bollywood star Akshay Kumar bought the rights of the super successful song ‘Kolaveri Di’ so that he could make a Hindi version of it. But the fact is that Akshay is not actually interested in the song or in the Hindi remake of it.

People familiar with the matter have opined that the song is already successful and is heard in the original version throughout the world. And thus making a Hindi version of it does not make any sense as no one will be interested in listening to it.

It has also been said that it isn’t economically good idea to make a Hindi version of the already successful song. The song is actually confused by another South Indian song.

Akshay has actually bought the rights of a Telugu song, as the actor wants to make a Hindi version of it by using lyrics in Hindi language. According to the recent reports the rights of the song ‘Kolaveri Di’ have not yet been sold to any one. There are plenty of versions of the song available on the internet and this is the reason no one wants to sell the rights. The song is already earning through downloads.