‘Don 2’ movie review, a signature of Farhan Akhtar


Bollywood movie ‘Don 2’ is now out in the theatres for which the audience was waiting for long. The makers as promised released the movie on December 23, despite some of the legal problems on the film related to the copyright infringement.

Director Farhan Akhtar, made sure that he had a good script for the sequel of the block buster movie, at the same time he also made sure that he infused his coolness factor in to it. The movie is based on a robbery in a major bank.

It is a suspense thriller and each and every moment and important landmarks in the movie has been introduced by leisure. As a result, the movie does move with a slow pace but leaves the audience baffled due to the coolness and the super style of Shahrukh, who plays the role of ‘Don’.

The makers have made the best use of some of the beautiful locations in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin and Zurich. The cinematographer Jason West has to be given all the credit for the beautiful shots which are well lit and clean. The music by Shankar Ehsan and Loy gives an up beat to the movie. Overall, it is a good movie to catch for all those who are Shahruk Khan fans.