Veena Malik apologizes for Bare Photo Stint on Magazine Cover


Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who recently grabbed attention for her nude pictures on the FHM magazine and the missing stint, has apologized for her acts. Malik confessed that she posed topless but denied that she undressed completely for the photoshoot.

The actress says that she now feels cheated and said that both the images were morphed and her upper portion of the body was supposed to be covered by tattoos. Veena added that if she could rewind the time then she would have deleted everything.

Malik added that everyone makes mistakes and so has she and has also learned from it. Seems like, the actress realized her mistake when a Muslim body from Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh ex-communicated her.

Moreover, her participation in the upcoming season of the popular reality show ‘Swayamwar’ was also criticized by many of the people from the Muslim community saying that she has disrespected their community. Veena after the bare photo episode went missing and was later found in a hotel in Mumbai by the police. The actress was untraceable for two days as she was staying in a hotel by a different name. Certain rumours said that she left for Pakistan without telling anyone so as to renew her visa which was soon going to expire.