First movie poster of Fuddu is launched

Fuddu poster

First movie poster of Fuddu is launched, is similar to P.K.’s first poster.

Makers of the upcoming movie ‘Fuddu’ have released the first poster. The movie is directed by Sunil Subramani who worked with Anurag Basu as an assistant director.

Fuddu poster

The movie is about a boy from Banaras who has just shifted his base  to Mumbai. After his marriage, he finds it difficult to accept the reality of how the entire family shares just one room. Moreover, his life takes a major turn when his family discards and disrespects him.

The movie is produced by Pradeep Gupta and the story has been penned by Pawan Kumar Sharma. ‘Fuddu’ stars Shubham and Swati Kapoor in the lead roles.