Bol Bachchan makers in more trouble

bol bachchan

In some trouble for the yet to be released movie ‘Bol Bachchan’, the financer Raju Shah and the producers of the movie have locked horns over the dues worth Rs. 36 crores and dishonoured cheques worth Rs. 8 crore. Raju is now moving to the court on June 25 against Ashtavinayak, alleging that they owe him about Rs. 36 crores out of which cheques worth Rs. 8 crores have bounced.

Shah has earlier worked Ashtavinayak on the movies like ‘Khatta Meetha’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Rockstar’. The financer said, “Ashtavinayak owes me Rs 36 crore and gave me post-dated cheques to that effect. I was supposed to deposit Rs 17 crore till June 30. Accordingly, I deposited Rs 8 crore but was told by the bank on Friday that the cheques have been dishonoured.”

Shah has even fallen out while the making of ‘Rockstar’ but had not revealed it in public. The financer said that he had proceeded with ‘Bol Bachchan’ thinking that things would improve.

Raju even said that of Rs. 41 crores Ashtavinayak owes, they have only returned 5 crores during the filming of ‘Rockstar’ but are now going mad while trying to recover the remaining Rs. 36 crores. Seems like the movie makers are in more serious trouble after Nagpur based distributor also filed a case.