Top 5 patriotic Bollywood movies


Bollywood Garam: India is a country known for its unity and diversity. The population of India too does not lack patriotism and this reflects on the Indian cinema, which has become popular worldwide. Till now,  Bollywood has produced many patriotic movies, which have paid tribute to all those freedom fighters in the past who sacrificed their life for their country.

We have the top five Bollywood movies based on patriotism and which are appreciated worldwide.

1. Swades – Swades was one movie which had given an example of an Indian man who went abroad to work in NASA and never thought of returning. But when he faced with the reality of rural India, he felt that he was more needed in a place where there is crisis than in a place which was already developed. The lead role in the movie was played by Shahrukh Khan and was released in the year 2004.

2. Border – The movie was a reflection of the plight of the family of the soldiers, when they send their most loved ones to fight for the nation. Border also showcased the real life of the wives and family, who keep waiting for their husbands and sons to return untouched by the enemies. The movie had several actors in it and was released in the year 1997.

3. Lagaan – Lagaan, which literally meant ‘tax’, narrated the story of the British rule in India. The story of the movie explained how the rural people were exploited by the British authorities by imposing heavy taxes. The movie was released in the year 2001 and the main role was played by Aamir Khan.

4. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey – The movie was based on the Chittagong uprising, which was conspired for the freedom of Bengal. The story was about a teacher, who gathers teenagers and other Indian men and women who conspire against the British.

5. Chak De India – Chak De India is a story about an Indian hockey player, who was once falsely alleged of game fixing with the opponent team. Later the same man, in order to prove his faith towards his country, becomes the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team and makes them win the world cup.