Contestants aware of trick to grab attention in Bigg Boss 5

bigg boss

After studying four seasons, it seems like the contestants of the reality show Bigg Boss 5 have now realized the importance of grabbing attention in the house. Each and every member in the house is now trying to gain attention by creating rifts among the housemates.

In the earlier seasons, there were characters like Dolly Bindra, Raja Chaudhary, Rakhi Sawant and Kamaal Khan. Everyone had remembered them for their ugly arguments but no one had remembered people who had showered love and flowers.

So now it seems like the contestants have done enough research before being on the show and are showing off their fighting skills even if they do not have any. A recent spat between Akashdeep Saigal and Mahek Chahel is another example of such preparation.

Mahek, has now challenged that she would continue to be on the show and teach him a lesson. Akash had earlier told Mahek that he had known that she was here to clean her image. It not just Akash and Mahek but even Pooja Misrra and Amar continue their fights and arguments. The model is now in full form and sometimes it looks as if she is wantonly picking up fights with the other housemates. This week, Mandeep Bevli, Pooja Misrra, Amar Upadhyay and Mahek Chahel have been nominated.