Ragini MMS first look released – Posters show paranormal presence


Bollywood Garam: Film maker Ekta Kapoor has come up with a movie based on a true incident with a controversial subject. The first look of ‘Ragini MMS’ gives viewers the impression that Ekta had added a few ingredients of paranormal factors in the movie to make it more presentable.

Half of the story of the film is based on a real incident. The story is about a young couple who enter a house to spend some intimate moments with each other. But unfortunately the couple is unaware that the house is actually pre-installed with hidden cameras which record their intimate moments. This is where the twist comes as the tagline in the movie says, “They don’t know it yet. It’s a threesome.”

This states that a third scary character is also added in the movie to raise the level of thrill. Ekta said that she would not like to reveal the person on whose story the movie is based. She added that the makers were constantly in touch with the girl and that the script of the movie has been approved by the her as she was involved in the real controversy. The cast of the movie includes Kainaz Motivala and Raj Kumar Yadav.

Ragini MMS will hit the theatres on 13th May 2011.