Aamir Khan to be roped for brand ambassador for Maharashtra Govt?


Bollywood actor Aamir Khan might be roped in by the Maharashtra Government to be the brand ambassador of its de-addiction campaign. The government has already approached the star and the actor is yet to respond but has acknowledged the communication from the state.

The state has hopes for a positive response but would also approach the other movie stars. Shivajirao Moghe the minister for social justice said, “The first-ever literary meet with an anti-addiction theme will be organised on October 2 at Pune. Literary figures, artistes and organisations working in the field will be invited”.

Cash awards have also been instituted by the department for the people who are involved in the promotion of the anti-addiction through plays, news reports, articles and awareness campaign. Moghe also said, “Thousands of families are ruined because of liquor addiction, but during the few years, there has been no great literary work, or movie or play on the subject. I believe more that a play, a work of art or literature can motivate people to give up addiction, more than the law”.

Aamir Khan is at present busy shooting for the upcoming movie ‘Dhoom 3’ in Chicago. The star will be engaged for at least three months for the shoot.