Sonika Kaliraman to exit Bigg Boss 5


Woman wrestler Sonika Kaliraman, who became the first pregnant contestant to participate on the reality show Bigg Boss 5, has opted to make a voluntary exit from the show. A statement was released by Colors channel, which airs the show and said that Kaliraman will exit the show on Monday’s episode.

Sonika is six months pregnant and is the daughter of the renowned wrestler Chandgi Ram. After Sonika’s entry in the house, many questions were raised over her health.

The initial phase of the show was good, but in the recent times the atmosphere of the house had become a bit stressful due to the war of words between VJ Pooja Misrra and other housemates. The woman wrestler was given an option to leave the show and return home to a peaceful environment.

In the episode, Sonika was overjoyed to return home and had cheerfully announced that she is leaving the show. The wrestler was happy, but the other housemates had given her a tearful farewell. All the housemates had wished her good luck and a peaceful life. On Monday’s episode TV actor Amar Upadhyay will be entering the house and be the second male member of the house of Bigg Boss 5.

Nihita Biswas became the first contestant to be evicted from the show, while Pooja Misrra was safe for another week.