Bigg Boss contestants get to meet their family members

Family members of the contestants of Bigg Boss visit the house to encourage them

Bigg Boss-2
Vikash Gupta's mother hugs son Vikasg at Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has always found news ways to amuse the contestants as well as the audience. The upcoming episodes will see family members of the contestants visiting the house of Bigg Boss. A luxury task ‘Statue’ has been assigned and every time the contestants are told to freeze, one of the family members of any of the contestant will enter the house and talk to them.

However, the contestants are not allowed to talk or move when they are told to freeze. The first one was Puneesh Sharma’s father to enter the house. Vikas Gupta’s mother will also be seen entering the house and tells her son how to play the game. Vikas’s mother also hugs Shilpa Shinde and Priyank Sharma before leaving the house.

Shilpa’s mother too entered the house and hugged her daughter in a frozen state. But then Bigg Boss told her to release and an emotional Shilpa runs towards her mother to hug her and takes her around the house.

Divya Agarwal also entered the house to meet Priyank Sharma. Agarwal told Priyank that he has hurt her and advised him to play his own game and not listen to others. Priyank was left in tears when she tells him about their failed relationship.

Bigg Boss
Shilpa Shinde’s mother hugs daughter Shilpa at Bigg Boss

Photo Credits: Colors TV