Vijender Singh gets married to Archana Singh – Boxer opens up about his relationship


Bollywood Garam: Beijing Olympics Bronze medalist and Indian TV ad actor Vijender Singh tied the knot with his long time partner Archana Singh on May 17, 2011. While talking about his marriage, Singh told the media that he was nervous as well as excited about his newly married status, and is looking forward to his future plans.

The couple got engaged on 16th May and got married in Delhi, which is the native place of the girl. Archana is a software engineer, and the boxer proposed to her last year. Singh said that he had known Archana since 2007 and that she had always supported him during the hard times in his career.

While talking about the proposal, Vijender had said that he had just casually asked her if she would marry him, to which the girl said yes and here they are now as man and wife. The boxer said that after marriage, he won’t have any time for the honeymoon as he would be busy preparing for the 2012 London Olympics.

Singh has just come back from the Arafura Games in Australia, where he grabbed the bronze medal. As he has found some time between the preparations, the boxer and his family thought of having the ceremonies in the break.

Vijender told the media that his beautiful wife is always nervous before every tournament, as she is constantly be worried about the injuries.