Vivek Oberoi attends BIG Magic's TV show ‘Raavi’ promotion

VIvek Oberoi Raavi-2 Actor Vivek Oberoi recently promoted Big Magic’s TV show ‘Raavi’ in Mumbai. The Bollywood star was photographed with child actor Rimmi Srivastav on October 16, 2013 in Andheri in Mumbai.

VIvek Oberoi Raavi-2

Rimmi plays the role of Raavi in the TV show and, while talking to the media, said that it was fun meeting Vivek and interacting with him. The child actress also mentioned that she enjoyed the afternoon with him and loved the fact that he agreed to wear a turban.

The serial follows the story of a girl who grows up disguised as a boy in a Punjabi household and faces challenges of the world.

VIvek Oberoi Raavi-3

VIvek Oberoi Raavi-1