John Abraham not too happy with Bipasha Basu talking to the press


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has now made the break up between her and John Abraham official by revealing it in a press conference, where the ‘Raaz’ actress said she was single. But rumour has it that the move by the actress had apparently made John upset.

Close friends of John have said that he did not expect Basu to go public in such a way. The actor felt that if she really wanted to make it public, they could have done it together. John also wanted Bipasha to at least respect the years that they had spent together.

John and Bipasha had maintained their silence over their break up, as they did not want their personal and professional lives to be affected. While they were together, the two had endorsed a product together and if the break up was made official, then it would have resulted in the loss of the lump some endorsement package.

Recently, reports state that there were attempts made towards a reconciliation when John had walked in to Bipasha’s vanity van and locked themselves inside for more than an hour. Bipasha might have cleared things from her side, but John has still maintained his silence over the issue. The actor is right now in London, shooting for the movie Houseful 2 and wasn’t available for comment.

John and Bips dated for around 10 years and were expected to tie the knot soon, but with growing insecurities between the two, the couple called it quits earlier this year.