Salman Khan makes the day of a taxi driver


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood super star Salman Khan, who was supposed to arrive at a hotel at Delhi in one of his luxury cars, arrived in a cab instead. The actor sneaked in to a cab from the airport without being noticed and had stunned the staff that was ready to welcome him at the hotel.

Apart from the hotel staff, Salman also made the day of the taxi driver, who may have seen a celebrity so close to him for the first time. While talking about the ‘Dabangg’ actor, the taxi driver said that he is just a chilled out person.

The driver said that there were 12 to 13 cars waiting for the actor at the airport, but took a taxi and seemed very angry. According to what the driver had witnessed at the airport, he said that the VVIP had two exits, one at the left and one at the right. All the vehicles were waiting at the right, while the actor came out of the left and no one was there to receive him and so he got angry. The actor was accompanied by two bodyguards when he hopped in to the front seat of the taxi just next to the driver. When the taxi had reached the hotel, Salman and the body guards stepped out and went in to the hotel. The bill was paid by some of the people who came from behind in the cars.