Delhi Belly promo video released by Aamir Khan


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood movie ‘Delhi Belly’ has a new promotional video that has been released by the makers of the movie. As Aamir is always known to bring something new for the audience, the mastermind has brought a promo which begs to be different from other movie promos making the rounds on TV.

The promo of the movie features Aamir Khan, who very politely conveys to the audience about his production and the content of the movie. Khan has also politely conveys that the movie is not for children to watch.

This is when the actors Imraan Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor come in and narrate the abusive words that have been used in the movie, while Aamir hold his head in disgust. Aamir then joins the gang, while he uses the abusive language and drives away the actors from the frame.

The clip then concludes with the popular song ‘DK BOSE’. The song earlier had been roped in some trouble due to censor clearance. But despite all the problems, the song will continue to remain in the movie.

The movie ‘Delhi Belly’ is the latest production of the genius Aamir Khan and is all set to hit the theatres in 1st July 2011.