Bobby Darling wants to marry Rahul Gandhi?


Bollywood Garam: After being in many relationships, actor Bobby Darling has come out open and confessed his love. The actor has said that he is in love with the most eligible bachelor in the country, Rahul Gandhi.

Pankaj Sharma alias Bobby was born as a male, but later had undergone cosmetic surgery to get breast implants and dresses as a woman. He is yet to undergo a sex change and the actor has said that he is a big fan of Rahul Gandhi and likes his charm.

The actor also went on to express that it is his dream to get married to Gandhi and would like to just meet him once. For this, the actor even makes several trips to Delhi hoping that she would some how come across the young face of the Congress.

Earlier, the actor was romantically involved with a struggling actor Rajat Aganpal, with whom he used to reside. But later the two parted ways. Bobby had also claimed that she was in a relationship with cricketer Munaf Patel. Patel had then clarified that he had met him in a night club in presence of other cricketers too, but had not been to his hotel room. The actor has made several appearances in the Bollywood movies like ‘Apartment’, ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’, and ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum’.