Bubble Gum movie review


Bollywood Garam: A good pat on the back of director Sanjivan Lal, who has chosen a topic so close to the heart of the youngsters for the movie ‘Bubble Gum’. The movie does not boast any glittery sets or A-list actors, but has successfully executed a simple story for the audience.

The cast of the movie includes Sohail Lakhani, Delzad Hiravali, Apoorva Arora, Suraj Singh, Sachin Khedekar and Tanvi Azmi. The story of the movie has been set around a teenager Vedant played by Sohail Lakhani , who is in this confused state like most teenagers.

Vedant is in love with a cute colony girl Jenny, played by Apoorva, but has to face a competition with Ratan, played by Suraj Singh. The interesting part is that the story has been set in the 80’s era, when there was no internet, mobile phones and TV.

The director has to be appreciated for dealing with the subject intelligently. The cast of the movie has done a commendable job, just in a few places where the fight scenes look unrealistic. But the experienced actors like Khedekar and Azmi have given their best. Overall, the movie is a must watch for the parents, who have teenaged kids and for all the teenagers too.