Medha Jalota birthday bash

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Birthday celebrations for singer Anup Jalota’s wife.

Singer Anup Jalota celebrated wife Medha Jalota’s birthday by throwing a grand bash. The party was attended by celebrities like Ila Arun, Kabir Bedi, Amy Billimoria, Talat Aziz, Leslie Lewis, Bina Aziza and more.

Medha jalota (3)

Anup and Medha got married after both went through failed marriages. Medha is the niece of the former prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujaral. Medha and Anup together have a son – Aryamann – who studies in Mumbai. The couple has been together for eight years now and have emerged as winners after going through tough times.

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Medha a few years back was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which is a degenerative heart muscle condition after which she had undergone a successful heart transplant surgery.

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