Akashdeep Saigal smitten by Sunny Leone after Shonali Nagrani?


Akashdeep Saigal is now the most popular person in the house of Bigg Boss 5. In the earlier days, the actor had his attention towards actress Shonali Nagrani and many times tried to even woo her.

Now that porn star Sunny Leone has entered the house, the actor has shifted his attention towards her. The TV actor is nowadays leaving no opportunity to impress Leone in the house and requested other members to tell her to stay in his room with Juhi Parmar and Pooja Bedi.

No one in the house is aware of the fact that Sunny is actually a porn star and the actress too has hidden the fact. In a group confession, Leone revealed that she owns a production house with her partner Daniel Weber.

Akash offered that he is always open to her to work with her in Hollywood. Poor Sky does not know that Leone has a production house named Sunlust Pictures and that she writes, creates a directs her own brand of adult movies. Recently, when the actress was called in the confession room she said that the house members are not so mature enough to understand and accept her profession and are judgmental too. Leone added that she wants to win their heart and that her family and friends have already accepted her for who she is professionally.