Tusshar Kapoor lives in another house during Navratri festival?


Bollywood Garam: For the past few days, Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor  has been living away from his family as he was asked to leave the house. The actor was asked to leave the house and live in another house in Juhu because of his eating habits.

The Golmaal actor has not been punished or has not been isolated by his parents. Its just that the actor has been asked to put on some weight for his upcoming movie and has been asked to eat non-vegetarian.

Due to the Navratri festival, actor Jeetendra and his family observe it by not eating or bringing non-vegetarian dishes in the house. So the actor was forced to leave the house and stay away from home so that he could continue eating meat.

When the actor was asked, he said that he confessed that he was living in another house in Juhu area in Mumbai, India. But before getting in to the details, he said that he would not like to comment on this as this is a family matter. However, Tusshar said that his parents are very strict about observing Navratri and its about breaking rules. So now that Tusshar is all set to look hot in those abs and a strong body, the audience may soon get to see the actor in a new look.