Ranbir Kapoor opens up about his relationship with Katrina Kaif


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood’s boy next door actor Ranbir Kapoor, in a recent interview, had admitted that he never dated actress Katrina Kaif. The revelation came while he was interviewed on television, and the “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” actor was apparently upset over the ‘womanizer’ image that the media had portrayed in the recent days.

This was the best opportunity for Ranbir to clear all the misunderstandings, and the actor took the opportunity to say that he gets really hurt when people link him with every other actress in the film industry. However, the actor even confessed that he does not mean that all that was published was wrong.

The ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ actor had appealed the media to get the facts right before they try to damage anyone’s reputation. Ranbir had even said that his parents were also disturbed after hearing several link up stories – Katrina Kaif, nargis Fakhri among others.

When Ranbir was asked why he broke up with Katrina, he said that they have to first date before breaking up and he and Katrina had never dated. The actor even added that he was so scared of the media that he had even stopped going out with his friends, with the fear the he would be linked up to someone this time.

Ranbir is right now working on his upcoming movie ‘Burfi’ opposite Priyanka Chopra, and his movie with co-star Nargis Fakhri titled “Rockstar” is set to release soon.