Infamous stripping offer was Poonam Pandey’s ticket to Bollywood


Bollywood Garam: After creating a sensation on the internet by offering to strip for the Indian Cricket team, Indian model Poonam Pandey confessed that her mastermind stunt worked well for her. Poonam is now counted among the most popular and downloaded celebrities on the internet, thanks to her desire to go nude for the ‘boys in blue’.

Poonam said that she tried many things like opening a fan page on Facebook and doing an exclusive photoshoot just to motivate the Indian team. But none of them worked for the 20 year old ambitious model. Poonam’s claim to strip for the Indian Cricket team, had worked like she had hit a jackpot.

She is famous and is discussed by every other Indian. Poonam said that she was very aware of what she was claiming, and the Kingfisher model had even written a letter to the BCCI, requesting them to allow her to strip, but was turned down.

However, the model did not accept the offer to strip in public. But now Poonam is flooded with lucrative offers from Bollywood and is also doing the popular reality show, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, which will be hosted by Bollywood hunk Akshay Kumar. Poonam confessed that she has got many offers in hand, but will not disclose about any of them as she is yet to commit to any of the offers.

Critics say that despite stating that the strip was not a publicity stunt, Poonam has confessed that the whole strip drama was her claim to fame. Afterall, did anyone hear of a Poonam Pandey before the 2011 Cricket World Cup? Anyone?