Preeti Desai is busy brushing up on her Hindi accent


Bollywood Garam: Stunning model Preeti Desai is all set to mark her entry in Bollywood with the movie ‘Shor In the City’. The actress is working hard on brushing her Hindi accent these days and she said that she can speak Hindi, but in a Gujarati accent.

Preeti said that she started working on her her Hindi as soon as she came to India. The former Miss Great Britain said that she is working hard to improve her chances to get more and more opportunities in Bollywood.

‘Shor In the City’ is produced by Balaji Films of Ekta Kapoor and has Tushar Kapoor and Preeti in the main roles, and will be releasing on 29th April. In the movie, Desai  is playing the role of Sharmili, who is a female protagonist.

Preeti will be playing the role opposite her co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy. Sources from the crew have also said that the movie has certain steamy scenes between Preeti and Sendhil. ‘Shor in the City’ is a thriller drama, which has three stories that are interrelated. The uniqueness about the movie is that one of the stories is in English and the other two are in Hindi. One has to wait and watch if the movie works well for Preeti, and if  yet another Bollywood star is born.