Pakeezah actress Geeta Kapoor shifted to an old age home in Mumbai

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit accompanies Geeta Kapoor to old age home - is determined to bring her to justice

Geeta Kapoor
Veteran actress Geeta Kapoor. Photo credits - Twitter

Pakeezah actress Geeta Kapoor recently made headlines as she was reportedly dumped by her son at a hospital in Mumbai. A distressed Geeta found it hard to believe that she had been abandoned and stayed at the hospital for over 41 days, as staffers and police tried to get in touch with her children. Now after a month, she has been shifted to an old age home in Mumbai.

Her plight was reduced when Producers Ramesh Taurani and Ashok Pandit came forward to pay off her bills and reassured her. Even a patient admitted at SRV Hospital contributed towards the veteran actress’s treatment. The rest of the bill was waived off by the hospital.

The 58 years old actress was transferred to Jeevan Asha old age home in Andheri West, Mumbai on June 1, 2017 and has had several Bollywood filmmakers and producers visit her since. Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit was by Geeta’s side throughout her transfer to the old age home and even shared a picture with the actress on Twitter captioning it, “Relieved after #GeetaKapoor Ji is shifted to #JeevanAsha old age home, Andheri (W). She is smiling and soon will be absolutely fine.”

In an interview with PTI, Ashoke Pandit said “Paying the bill is a minor thing, my main aim is that she gets back her dignity, honor and fights back. Her son is still at large and the police will look into that. The family has disappeared; the son has switched off his phone. The saddest part is, she is still calling out his name, and says ‘my son might be just downstairs, he can’t go anywhere.’ It’s heartbreaking for me to see that.”

Talking about Geeta Kapoor’s departure from the hospital, Dr. Dipendra Tripathi said “She was clinging on to me. She did not want me to leave and held on to my hand.We had to distract her, saying her family would soon be around to take her home. It was perhaps one of the most difficult moments of my life”. Dr. Tripathi even signed a bond stating that he will be taking over all the responsibilities of caring for the old veteran actress. He further added that Geeta Kapoor still believes that her son will come back for her – “She was there when he left her. So that’s all she remembers and says, he is going to come back with money. It’s a very tragic story… The most surprising thing is that despite the media attention, not a single relative has turned up.”

Geeta Kapoor is a veteran Bollywood actress who has featured in more than a 100 films in a career spanning 20 years and is remembered for her roles in Pakeezah and Razia Sultan in which she starred opposite Parveen Babi and Hema Malini. Wishing her a quick recovery!


Photo Credits: Twitter