Salman Khan releases Bhai Ka Bhai video featuring Khan brothers shooting for Tubelight!

"There was no better choice than Sohail for this film because he is my brother.", says Salman

Bhai Ka Bhai video still featuring Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

The Bhai Ka Bhai video released by makers of Tubelight reveals the experiences of real life brothers, Salman Khan – Sohail Khan while shooting for the film. It reveals what the brothers think about each other and how they felt for each other, as the played on-screen brothers for the first time.

In the video, Salman says that “There was no better choice than Sohail for this film because he is my brother. We understand each other. If there was an emotional scene, it was natural for us to display emotions. We were also very comfortable doing comic scenes.”

Sohail Khan talks about his brother and the film “Salman Bhai mentioned Tubelight to me. They wanted someone who wouldn’t just play the character of his brother but also felt the character. He is my younger brother in the film but he is also someone who adores his elder brother and protects him for certain reasons. There is no inhibition, no awkwardness between us. He doesn’t need to say anything, I can understand things from his body language,”

Director of the film, Kabir Khan also says in the video “The moment you see them on screen, you don’t have to spend time in establishing sibling bonding. You know, one shot and the audience is already convinced that these two are brothers. They are very close to each other. I would explain the context of the scene to them and the way they would act is very natural. Their body language around each other is very easy. When you see Salman and Sohail together, you feel that they love each other. Once you will see the film, you will get to know how good they look together.”

Tubelight also features Chinese actress, Zhu Zhu and child artist Matin Rey Tangu. The film releases on June 23, 2017.

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