Ekta Kapoor claims Ragini MMS has no vulgarity or raunchy scenes


Bollywood Garam: The queen of daily soaps(namely the famous ‘K’ Serials) and controversial film maker Ekta Kapoor is all set with another interesting flick based on a reality incident, named ‘Ragini MMS’. The producer of Balaji Films spoke about the problems created by the censor board and said that the movie does not have any bold or raunchy scenes, as previously reported in the media.

A still from the movie “Ragini MMS”

In an interview, Ekta (who is yesteryear’s hero Jeetendra’s daughter) argued that it is the people’s way of looking at things that make it controversial. The producer added that the only problem with the movie is the conversation, since how people converse with other in reality is being projected in the movie in a very realistic way.

When asked about the shocking Ragini MMS promos on television,  Kapoor clarified that they are projecting the movie as a paranormal horror and there is no vulgarity in the movie. While taking about the movie, she said that it is a story about a young couple who go out on a holiday and book a bungalow as they cannot afford a hotel.

Jeetendra’s daughter also revealed that in the movie, the couple talk the way a normal couple in real life does. Apart from that the movie is a pure horror flick and does not intend to promote sleaze.

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the upcoming movie, with some critics claiming that it has too many raunchy scenes and adult content and even the promos should not be aired on TV. Ever since these complaints, the producers of Ragini MMS have been working hard on removing and editing any scenes that could be considered ‘inappropriate’ by the General audience.